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Homosexuality isn’t a choice, but homophobia is. (Repost)

(Reposting this from my Facebook notes because I thought it was pretty awesome.)

Now, I’m gonna say this straight out, so I don’t get a bunch of ignorant assholes asking me this: No, I’m not gay, bi, transsexual, whatever.

Seeing some responses to things I’ve posted in the past, I feel this needs to be let out and this is a message people need to start hearing. I’m tired of all this fucking unfair prejudice that the homosexual/bisexual communities get. I added an emblem on my profile picture signifying my support for Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transsexual Pride month. I told people that they should join up as well. The first comment I get on the picture is some ignorant prick(I won’t mention names) asking me: “Ben, are you gay?” First off, fuck you. Second of all, does it really matter? Why the hell would I be any different if I was? Since when is being gay a reason to label someone/put them on a different scale as others? Homophobia, to me, is on the exact same level as racism. So yes, I would consider homophobes and racists interchangeable in the unreasonable amount of hate they give. Homophobia is people unwilling to accept that the world isn’t their perfect oyster, and the world isn’t what they want it to be. Guess what people: That’s LIFE. Don’t like it? Too bad. Life isn’t a bouquet of flowers and people need to start realizing this. I don’t want to bring religion into this, but if it’s by a religious reason(and I guess this is my stance on religious practices in general), what kind of God has a right to tell you how you’re supposed to live? You’d be throwing away the joys of being alive by doing that. So why? They’re made from the same atoms you are, and they have the same problems and pressures that straight people have, if not more. So what right do you have to hate on something so fucking stupid as who they want to be with? If someone gay did that to your boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do? Why is it any different if you do it to them? Golden rule, people. I feel like I’m rambling on, so I’ll try and bring it to a close: I have gay friends. I have bi friends. And you know what? They’re some of the best people I’ve ever met. They have a daily routine, they get up in the morning, they go to school/work, and they come home and sleep. They’re human beings. They aren’t aliens from outer space, they’re human beings. So, keep that in mind the next time you jokingly call someone a “fag”.. some people will take offense to that even if they aren’t gay.