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Mann-conomy – 18 FRIGGIN DOLLARS?

As you all probably know by now, Valve released an update to Team Fortress 2 putting trading into the game, along with a couple of new hats/weapons. But the biggest addition was the new store. Players can now add money to their “Steam Wallets” and purchase in-game items like hats, weapons, etc etc. This is all fine and dandy with me; let players pay for the things they can’t wait to get legitimately. Make money off the idiots. Cool. Until I saw the price for the new hats.


WHAT THE FUCK? Valve. Valve. Look, I know you are the best developers in the world, and a lot of your fans are straight up idiots with their money, but this is just ridiculous. How can you expect any sane person to not get mad about you charging $2 less than the actual GAME for an item inside the game? Valve. I know you’re gauging prices, I get that. But still, charging $18 for a hat is not cool, even for a price gauge. Because people are stupid enough to BUY THAT. Idiots will spend $18 on an ingame item that has no effect on a players performance in any way. I wasn’t going to be purchasing anything in the store to begin with, but with prices that insane I don’t know how you can expect anyone to buy stuff.

Also, because you all are awesome, here are the current hats I have up on the market (I will not trade for weapons. I want to get all the new weapons legitimately.)

Engie’s Railroad Cap

Stainless Pot (I don’t want to give this up, but if the deal is good enough I will)

Texas Dome Shine [Engie’s Bald Cap] (Basically I’ll trade any hat I don’t have for this that’s good. Hate this hat so much XD)


The New Water Cooler


(Note, this may easily come off as a Steam advertisement.. I hope it doesn’t. :/)

Steam. Some people know it as the gateway to PC gaming, others see it as an unnecessary step in DRM. Me however? I see it as more than just a viable alternative to buying CDs: I see it as the new wave of internet relationships.

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