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American Ideals! :D.. D:

So, if you missed it, the USA just lost to Ghana in the World Cup. 2-1 in extra time. Some people blamed the referees. Some people blamed Ghana for the acting at the end of the game. But you know what I haven’t seen people blame yet?

The team.

I guess that’s American ideals; it’s never our fault. It’s always someone else. But, still. People: I hate to say it, but we didn’t deserve the win in the slightest. We’re lucky we even sent it to extra time. Our defense was crap, and whenever we got an offensive opportunity, we either curved it to the side or shot it into the 10th row. I’m sorry, you can’t expect a team to win when they play like that. BUT BEN, THE REFEREES LET GHANA BURN TIME! THE GHANA PLAYERS WE’RE ACTING! WAAAAAAA! Look. That’s good strategy. Shut your mouths, and give the opposing team credit where credit is due. Maybe that took it a bit too far, sure. But wouldn’t we do the exact same thing if it was us in the lead?

Speaking of giving credit where credit is due, I have one more beef. Why the hell are our fans booing Ghana at the end of the game? What are you, 5? Sure, I boo at sports events from time to time, especially when I’m at an Indians game. (SNAP! :3) But, this is international competition. The World Cup isn’t just another sporting event: It’s a place where not only do you show support for your team, but you’re showing support for your country. How do you think other countries will think of us when we boo them after they rightfully deserved the win? YOU BEAT US FAIR AND SQUARE! HOW DARE YOU! So people, please. Grow up. And you guys wonder why America is viewed as “Republicans paradise.” Sheesh.