The New Water Cooler


(Note, this may easily come off as a Steam advertisement.. I hope it doesn’t. :/)

Steam. Some people know it as the gateway to PC gaming, others see it as an unnecessary step in DRM. Me however? I see it as more than just a viable alternative to buying CDs: I see it as the new wave of internet relationships.

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OK, let’s start this again.

Yeah, I know this is like, the 50th blog I’ve started now. I just feel like I don’t want to let my rants/raves sit on Facebook all day.. it needs to be unleashed on its own dedicated site. Ever since I quit doing FFFs for B54, you may wonder where the heck I’ve been lately. Well, it’s complicated. I’ve semi-started to get into a relationship, finished my Sophomore year in high school, and that’s pretty much it. Not very complicated, really. BUT FEAR NOT! I will now continue to use this site as my main blog/ranting site. No more needing Facebook for all that! I’ll hopefully remember I have this and use it now. So, here’s to good times.